Under each lesson, you see a button called 'Goals'. Here you will find the performance objectives for this lesson and the lesson plan. It is important to read this section before you start a lesson.

Every lesson should be build up in this way:


The lesson starts with a warm up, which will take about 10 minutes. When you click on the 'Warm up' button, you will find step by step guidelines on how to do the warm up.

After the warm up, you let the students read the info cartoon. Most students will be finished in about 10 to 15 minutes. The info cartoon contains all the factual information on the topic. The students can read it themselves from their computers.

After the info cartoon you do an activity. This can either be a 'Make' or a 'Discuss'. The activities take about 30 minutes. All the activities have step by step guidelines.

Always round up a lesson with a reflection. Ask the students what they have learned and give them the oportunity to ask questions. If you do not have enough time in one lesson to follow all these steps, you can give the activity as homework or do it in the next lesson.