This website, Learning about living, is the electronic version of FLHE. It is based on the Nigerian curriculum on Family Life and AIDS/HIV Education (FLHE).

In this site you will find info cartoons covering 25 different topics related to adolescence, HIV/AIDS, life skills, relationship and society and culture. Use these topics to inform yourself on these issues which are so important to growing young people.

You can read the topics and have your children read them too, then discuss them together afterwards. Or you can read them together and discuss as you go. The helpful aspect is, that the stories and issues are already prepared for you making it less awkward for you to breach the subject.

The discuss activities are all aimed at getting people to reflect on the issues and relate them to their own lives. Many of them are fun and interesting to do. You can easily do them together. Something like self esteem or body image is an easy topic to start with. The information on HIV/AIDS is very helpful to get the facts straight on this well known disease.

If you have questions or comments on using the site, send them to