Everyone is unique, and so people have differences in their physical appearances. Today, we are talking about “Body Image”
Everyone is unique.
Some of these differences include: - Size and shape of body - Height - Race or ethnicity - Colour of skin, eyes, and hair - Weight - Shape of face
Some of these differences may be valued more than others. Like my friend Kunle – he’s taller than all his friends, and I know a lot of them are jealous about it. He seems to have more prestige because of his height.
Probably his friends wish they were taller, like Kunle. But they can’t change their height! I love my height; I like being short.
But have you ever heard the saying, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison?”
It means that even if some people value being tall, there are always people that prefer the shorter people.
But if your whole culture likes one thing, like lighter skin or greater height, it will affect your body image if you look different.
There are many things that affect your physical appearance.
The genes you get from your parents determine your body shape, size and colour. Nutrition can also affect everything about a body, from its size to the texture of the skin, which is why it is important to eat healthy food. And when you’re healthy, you feel better about your physical appearance.
Cultural norms about how a body should look; traditions that alter the body or skin, and a “hard” life that withers the body all influence how a person looks.
I agree. Our hormones and health also influence our body's size, our skin, and our hair because frail health leads to frail growth. That’s what I was talking about with all that stuff about good nutrition.
But how do hormones influence height and development?
During puberty, it’s the hormones in the body that tell it when to grow, and how much. That’s why we change so much at that time in our lives. And the excess of hormones in our system makes it harder to have good body image and good self esteem.
I know how body image and self esteem relate to one another. We cannot change certain things about our bodies, but we can change how we feel about those things. A positive body image, or feeling good about our physical appearance, makes us happy and promotes good self-esteem.
Our attitude towards ourselves also influences other people’s attitudes towards us. When we value ourselves and feel good about ourselves we have high self-esteem.
When we bother ourselves and feel bad about these things we hate about ourselves, we create feelings of worthlessness, and inferiority. Then we have low self-esteem.
People tend to be attracted to those whom they consider beautiful. But they also say that the most beautiful trait anyone can have is confidence, which comes from high self-esteem!
Beauty is naturally attractive, but not the same with everyone. The rate of growth and development is different for each person because everyone has his own genes.
A lot of us get our idea about beauty from the media. But how people look in the media is often unrealistic. Most people do not look like the images we see on television and in the movies.
Advertisers try to sell products by suggesting we can be more successful if we look more like the images on the tv by using their products. We begin to think that we should all look like the people in the adverts.
But that would be boring! Human beings should be proud of all the special qualities that make them individuals because, really, what is beautiful is someone who is unique.
When I know and love myself, - I become more confident - I will be able to appreciate others for who they are - I will be less judgmental about what I see in other people that is different from what is in me - I will be a happier person
Because you are unique, only you can do the things you do. Everyone has something they are good at, and something they are bad at, that’s what makes us human.
Sometimes two people can do the same thing well, although seldom in the same way. For example, two people may know how to arrange flowers, but their choice of colours, placing, and steps taken to arrange the flowers will always be different.
The differences in the way we do things bring out the uniqueness in us.
I think you mean that when we are good on the inside, it shows on the outside. We radiate what we do and what we feel.
That’s why it’s so important to like yourself for who you are, including how you look. Having a good body image helps us have good self-esteem, which gives us the confidence we need to be better people.
Thanks for talking about this with us today. I feel better about myself, how about you? Goodbye!
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