Have you been noticing changes in yourself, your body, or your friends lately? Have you been feeling different? You might have started what we call “puberty,” the biological stage between childhood and adulthood. Puberty marks the start of a set of years called “adolescence,” where we really start to learn who we are and where we fit into this world around us.

During puberty, we change both physically and emotionally. Puberty starts when our brain tells our body to start producing more hormones, and those hormones not only make our bodies change but also take away some of our control over our emotions. Shifting feelings about relationships with family and friends can be unsettling. It may be a little scary, although exciting, when we start experiencing sexual attraction. It is normal for us to feel alone and misunderstood during this time. Feelings of sadness and depression, anger and alienation are also common. All of these changes are a normal part of growing up. Today, we’re going to talk about the specific changes that are and will be happening in our bodies, as well as why they happen.