Media messages

Television, movies, music, art, magazines, newspapers and other forms of media often send messages about sexuality, sexual behavior, and relationships. Sometimes these messages are educational and beneficial. Other times they are incorrect, exploitative, or negative. Adults are often wary of the types of messages children receive from the media.

Adolescents today are engaged with mass media more than ever before. Images, movies, music, and products zoom all over the world, we all want to see the latest fashion trends, music videos, or movies in order to keep up with our friends. Social media lets us keep in contact with friends and follow celebrities all over the world. Many of us look up to music and movie stars. We need to be informed about the way the media affects us.

Today, we will look at common media images in Nigeria, to find out what they’re telling us about sexuality. Then, we’ll meet up with Tunde and Wunmi to talk a little more about the positive and negative messages we’re surrounded by every day, and learn how to engage with the media without being overly influenced by it.