What are you about to do Yusuf?!!
Don’t tell me you want to swallow all those painkillers?
Yes of course! My headache has refused to go and I am doubling my medication to ensure that it goes.
Stop!! That is drug abuse!
Drug abuse? But this is just Panadol.
Even Panadol is a drug and can be abused.
A drug is any substance either solid or liquid that can cause physical and /or mental changes in the body. Drugs that are produced, sold and used legally are called licit drugs such as medicines (substances used for the treatment or prevention of disease - Panadol, Paracetamol) and those not permitted by the law are called illicit drugs such as Cocaine. When a licit drug is taken in excess or without prescription it is being abused.
Examples of commonly abused drugs: Tobacco, Pain killers (Panadol, Paracetamol, and Aspirin), Marijuana, Cough Syrup, Cocaine, Antibiotics (Tetracycline, Ampiclox), Alcohol (Kia-Kia, Sapele Water, Beer), Sedatives (Valium, Lexotan), Heroin/Opiate, Stimulants (Coffee, Tea, Thinner)
Most young people fall victim of drug abuse through clever advertising strategies designed to encourage drug abuse. Such as advertising that drugs can give you new experiences and make you feel high and on top of the world. Drug abuse may lead to drug addiction.
You are right! Addiction occurs because the abused drug alters the normal function of the body so that the person addicted cannot function normally without the drug. Drug addiction is a serious problem requiring professional help to overcome.
Nike, have you ever wondered why people abuse drugs?
Yes, most adolescent abuse drugs because they want to overcome shyness, be a part of a gang, lose weight or build musclesand peer pressure. Sometimes parental neglect, poverty and inability to say “no” are other reasons.
Of all these reasons, peer pressure is a major reason why young people abuse drugs.
But in their attempt to use drugs as a solution to their problems they end up being badly affected.
You are correct Yusuf. Effects of drug abuse include:
Effects on the individual: • Irritability • Infertility • Brain damage • Loss of memory • Conflict with self and family • Prostitution • Deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Paralysis and even Death.
Drug abuse also has serious implications for the reproductive health of a young person because a mind under the influence of drugs cannot make right decisions.
With drugs young people become daring and engage in risky behaviour like experimenting with sexual activity, engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse, sharing sharp objects such as needles and blades.
Yes and these activities increase their risk of getting STIs, HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. It also exposes the user to sexual abuse and can lead to school dropout.
Still drug abuse also affects other people apart from the individual.
Effect of drug abuse on the Family include:• Shame and disappointment • Loss of valuable as the person is focused to steals to get money • Unnecessary expenditure on health care and disruption to family life.
Effect of drug abuse on the Society include: • National image dented • Unnecessary economic and socio-cultural expense: e.g. rehabilitation centers, increased automobile accidents and increased crime rate.
The other thing worse than drug abuse is drug trafficking.
Really? How so?
Drug trafficking is the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and sale of those chemical substances that can cause physical or mental changes in the body and so these people encourage drug abuse.
Right. Do you know that reasons for trafficking drugs are similar to reasons for drug abuse, like poverty, greed and misplaced value system.
Did you know Nike, that the effects of drug trafficking is far reaching than drug abuse? This is because it affects the country as a whole and spoil relationships between countries.
Yes. Effects of drug trafficking include: Increased Corruption, Breakdown of Law and Order, Strained International Relations and Bad image for the country.
Can you think of ways to stop drug abuse and trafficking?
Since peer pressure is a major challenge among young people, we should put up assertive and refusal skills to prevent drug abuse.
Stand up for your opinion and learn to say No and stick by it.
Yes I agree. Young people need to be assertive and also exercise their refusal skills to be able to avoid being pressured to take or traffick drugs.
In addition drug abuse awareness and education and entrepreneurial skills to help alleviate poverty should be taught in schools.
There are also agencies that can help enforce and ensure that drugs are not trafficked. They include Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA) and United Nations Funds for Drug Abuse Control
Another way to avoid abusing drugs is not to self medicate. So if you also have a headache that refuses to go, don't take extra medication, instead see a doctor.
Thats right, so do take care of yourselves and stay away from drugs!
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