Let’s Talk About Gender!

Can you list the differences between boys and girls? Which differences are physical, and which ones are more related to the way we think boys and girls are supposed to behave? Gender is more than a physical difference; it’s a person’s place in our society as a man or a woman. When we’re talking about the behaviours our culture thinks are acceptable and expected for men and for women, we’re talking about gender roles.

Unfortunately, many people think that gender roles are set in stone, unchangeable. Attitudes like this lead to problems like gender stereotypes, bias, and discrimination. Have you ever felt like someone unfairly expected something of you just because you’re a boy, or a girl? Boys, have you ever been told that you can’t cry when you’re hurt or upset, because it’s not manly? Girls, have you ever been told that you can’t play football with the boys because it’s not feminine? Have you ever told someone else that “girls can’t” or “boys don’t” do certain things?

Let's spend some time learning more about gender!