Me and My Faith

We hear a lot about religion everyday. Religion is a powerful force in our world, and most people turn to their religions to help them set their values, make decisions, and judge what they believe is right or wrong. But there are many religions in the world, and while some of them teach the same things, they can also teach many different things. Unfortunately a lot of the time, when you hear about religion, we hear about people with one religion arguing with people who have a different one. They even fight wars over it.

Why do people argue so much, and so long, over religion? Why is religion so powerful? To understand that, we need to start by looking at what religion is, and what it teaches. Today, we’ll talk about some major religions both here in Nigeria and in the whole world. Then we’ll think about the ways our Nigerian religions shape the way we think about sexuality. Finally, we’ll learn about tolerance and religious freedom.