Have there been times when you disagreed with your friends on something?
Have you spoken to someone before and the response you got was “pardon?” Was the issue important to you and you had to talk it out? These are examples of situations in which you need to concentrate on communication.

Communication is so much more than just talking. It’s a fundamental part of being a human being. We communicate all the time – by what we say, how we dress, how we move, and through our actions , even the music we make or listen to. All behaviors convey some messages. Developing good communication skills as we grow older will help us with all sorts of relationships, both personal and professional. Knowing how to communicate can help you avoid quarrels with your parents, it can help you get a job that you want, or it can help keep relationships happy and equal. When you’re confident in what you’re saying, and back it up with your actions, you can avoid the arguments and misunderstandings that come from mixed or unclear messages.