Hi. How far have you come with that school project?
I am stuck; I can’t find the materials I need. I need help.
Yes, you need help. Why haven’t you asked anyone to help you?
You know the usual barriers to finding help. I don’t know who to ask, I don’t want to tell people that I have a problem, I don’t know anywhere to go to look for help, and I’m afraid people will think I’m not serious about my studies.
When you are troubled and confused like this, do the following:
- Identify the concern - Recognize that help is needed - Keep calm - Remember that everyone needs help sometimes
If I’ve done all that, what’s my next step?
Now you just need to find the right person to help you.
There are many times when young people need help, though they may not ask for it.
Bullying: a situation where we might need help.
Situations Where We Might Need Help: - relationships, - concerns about changes in our bodies, - poverty, - harassment or bullying, - loss of personal items, - divorce or separation of parents, or - household disaster
So, since I’m having trouble with a school project, I should ask a teacher?
You’ve got that right! You could also ask your parents, siblings or any other person who is in tune with school work.
Religious leaders
Health Practitioners
Law enforcement agents
Youth-friendly centres
Like my neighbour, who’s an accountant! I bet he could help me with my mathematics problems. I’m feeling a lot better about this now.
Great and here’s some tips to ensure you get what you want:
- Communicate: Be clear about your problem. - Be Assertive: Ask for help when you need it. - Follow up: take action on what needs to be done to change the situation for the better.
Steps to take when help is needed: - Identify the concern - Recognize that help is needed - Keep calm - Look for a trusted adult and inform him or her - Follow any instructions they give you, or wait for their help - Inform your parents or guardian, if you haven’t done so already - If you need to, seek help in the company of trusted and supportive friends
Thank you for your help guys.
You can always bank on your friends to help you out, Wunmi. They can get you over these hurdles to finding help:
- Ignorance - Non-conducive environment - Lack of adequate knowledge about available services - Being unable to access services - Fear of adults’ opinions
And it’s important to help other people too. When you're helping others, be sure to use your good listening skills, empathy, and a non-judgmental attitude.
The most important skill is being willing to help and be helped.
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