Getting what you need.

“Negotiation” is a way of getting the things you need without resorting to guilt, anger, intimidation, or manipulation. Suppose you want to go to your friend’s house after school on Friday, but you know your parents want you to stay at home and baby sit your junior brother. What would you do? Would you get angry and yell at them? Go out without their permission? Or would you try to find a solution that will make everyone happy?

When you start looking for ways to make sure everyone gets what they want out of a disagreement, you’re thinking about ways to negotiate. You can negotiate to get something you want, to resolve a fight with a friend or family member, or just to get the price you want in the market. Most of us negotiate every day. Sometimes we’re successful, and sometimes we just can’t seem to get to the conclusion that we want.

Today, we’re going to talk about the situations where we most need to negotiate, and learn some simple techniques to make negotiation easier.